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05 Oct
FAQ | 1 min read

How Do I Make Sure My School is Furnished On Time?

Furnishing your school is a big project and can get off schedule witho...

05 Oct
FAQ | 2 min read

Will My School Furniture Stand Up to the Test of Kids?

We all know the reality of school settings—furniture rarely gets treat...

05 Oct
FAQ | 1 min read

How Long Should My School Classroom Furniture Last?

When you purchase school and classroom furniture, you want it to last!...

05 Oct
FAQ | 1 min read

Who Will Help Me Navigate the School Furnishing Process?

The building or even the remodeling of a school can be overwhelming! I...

05 Oct
FAQ | 1 min read

How Do I Use Taxpayer Dollars Responsibly to Buy School Furniture?

Did you know that there are more than $250 billion in open bonds acros...

05 Oct
FAQ | 1 min read

What Happens if I Experience a Problem with My School Furniture?

Few projects go smoothly from start to finish. Having strong partnersh...

29 Sep

Explore Classroom Design Strategies that Promote Student Engagement

In our last blog, we explored the idea of the Living Classroom, which ...

22 Sep

What’s a Living Classroom & How it Promotes Active Learning

It’s no secret that students in classrooms today learn differently tha...

08 Sep

Socially Distanced Classroom Furniture for Today & Tomorrow's Schools

Educational leaders across the globe are formulating plans for student...

01 Sep

What's Flexible Seating & Why is it Crucial in Classrooms?

In the last 10 years, the concept of flexible seating has blown up in ...

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