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Furnishing your school is a big project and can get off schedule without the right processes in place. In order to ensure your school is successfully furnished on-time, take advantage of this list of helpful next steps.


Next Steps to Successfully Furnish Your School On-Time:

  • Be clear about your timeline and deadlines. Your dealer (or manufacturer) should be able to guide you on order times based on your schedule.
  • Understand manufacturer lead times. During the peak season (summer), most manufacturers can’t take a last-minute request to “rush” an order. During the off-peak season, you should have a candid conversation about what timeline is possible.
  • Order as early as possible. It’s better to have your furniture on-hand than to be caught without.
  • Have a place to land everything. You’ll have more flexibility if you can accept orders when they’re ready. If you don’t have space, ask your dealer if they can store the finished products until you’re ready for them.
  • Reserve support staff ahead of time. Whether you’re doing your own installation or out-sourcing it, work with your team to secure everyone you need. 
  • Partner with a strong local dealer. Artcobell’s dedicated network of strong local dealers can help you with designing, planning, ordering, and installing your school furnishings. 

Want to know more about how Artcobell can help you furnish your school? Read through other FAQs here!

At Artcobell, we make furnishing your school as easy & stress-free as possible. Contact one of our furniture experts and we'll help you find the right school furniture for your learning environment needs!

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Oct 5, 2020

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