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11 Feb

What Will Learning Environments Look Like Post-COVID-19?

As we go through the 2020-21 school year, student learning continues t...

11 Feb

Will Technology Change Education Forever?

We can all agree that it has been a rocky road on the learning pathway...

08 Dec

How to Effectively Create Student-Centered Learning Environments

With onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, what was already a difficult path...

08 Dec

Student-Centered Learning Environments That Inspire Learning

To successfully design learning environments that meet the needs of to...

08 Dec

Learning Environments that Promote Student Safety & Security

In a previous blog, "How to Effectively Create Student-Centered Learni...

26 Oct

How COVID-19 Forced Us to Rethink Learning Environments for the Better

Educational leaders across the globe are formulating plans for student...

22 Sep

What’s a Living Classroom & How it Promotes Active Learning

It’s no secret that students in classrooms today learn differently tha...

08 Sep

Socially Distanced Classroom Furniture for Today & Tomorrow's Schools

Educational leaders across the globe are formulating plans for student...

01 Sep

What's Flexible Seating & Why is it Crucial in Classrooms?

In the last 10 years, the concept of flexible seating has blown up in ...

18 Aug

Use Classroom Arrangement to Promote Students’ Cognitive Development

As children’s brains are developing, they are constantly going through...

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