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08 Sep

Socially Distanced Classroom Furniture for Today & Tomorrow's Schools

Educational leaders across the globe are formulating plans for student...

01 Sep

What's Flexible Seating & Why is it Crucial in Classrooms?

In the last 10 years, the concept of flexible seating has blown up in ...

18 Aug
Classroom Strategy | 2 min read

Use Classroom Arrangement to Promote Students’ Cognitive Development

As children’s brains are developing, they are constantly going through...

12 Aug
Classroom Strategy | 4 min read

How to Establish an Active Learning Classroom

Educators around the country are eager to adopt new learning strategie...

21 Jul

Promote Social Emotional Learning with Classroom Furniture & Setup

In the spring of 2020, our world changed as the COVID-19 pandemic forc...

21 Jul

Promote Emotional Processing with Effective Classroom Furniture

An important aspect of child development is the ability to understand ...

21 Jul

Must-Know Tips to Develop Your Students’ Social & Interpersonal Skills

There’s no denying that students need strong social and interpersonal ...

21 Jul
Classroom Strategy | 7 min read

How a Collaborative Classroom Enables Deeper Learning

One of the most compelling arguments for collaborative learning is tha...

21 Jul
Classroom Strategy | 5 min read

How Flexible Classroom Furniture Re-Invents Learning

School administrators and teachers across the country recognize the ne...

07 Aug
Classroom Strategy | 5 min read

How Living Classrooms Bring Learning to Life

It’s no secret that every student learns a little differently.  Teache...

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