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01 Sep

What's Flexible Seating & Why is it Crucial in Classrooms?

In the last 10 years, the concept of flexible seating has blown up in ...

01 Sep

Use Diverse Classroom Seating to Promote Student Success

We all know that flexible seating is gaining popularity in schools, bu...

18 Aug

Use Classroom Arrangement to Promote Students’ Cognitive Development

As children’s brains are developing, they are constantly going through...

12 Aug

How to Establish an Active Learning Classroom

Educators around the country are eager to adopt new learning strategie...

21 Jul

Promote Social Emotional Learning with Classroom Furniture & Setup

In the spring of 2020, our world changed as the COVID-19 pandemic forc...

21 Jul

Promote Emotional Processing with Effective Classroom Furniture

An important aspect of child development is the ability to understand ...

21 Jul

Develop Social & Interpersonal Skills with These Classroom Setup Ideas

There’s no denying that students need strong social and interpersonal ...

21 Jul

How a Collaborative Classroom Enables Deeper Learning

One of the most compelling arguments for collaborative learning is tha...

21 Jul

How Flexible Classroom Furniture Re-Invents Learning

School administrators and teachers across the country recognize the ne...

30 Apr

Modernizing Learning Environments Promotes Student Achievement

In all facets of education today, from pre-k to post-secondary, there ...

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